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Fortnite earned $ 300 million on iOS in 200 days

Fortnite Mobile has made a big hit on the mobile platform. According to the Sensor Tower statistics page, if alone iOS, Fortnite has earned $ 300 million in revenue in 200 days since its launch on March 15, 1818.
Fortnite on iOS to achieve revenue is also not surprising that Fortnite's business model is too smart: A free game is available on a variety of platforms, including PC and mobile. Fortnite's revenue is mainly derived from the player's purchase of items in the game.

Fortnite also has a PvE mode called "Save the World" that gamers enthusiastically respond.

Comparison of Fortnite sales on iOS with other popular titles in the first 200 days since launch.
In addition, gamers can comfortably purchase in-game purchases on any platform, through the use of Fortnite's V-Bucks currency, and then be synchronized with their accounts on the other platforms.

The latest report from Sensor Tower compares favorably: Fortnite made $ 300 million in its first 200 days on iOS. Clash Royale, another hugely popular free mobile game, also made $ 228 in the first 200 days of selling items in the game.

Players around the world have spent an average of $ 1.5 million a day on the Fortnite version of iOS since launch, and about $ 2.5 million a day after Season 6 opened on September 27, the Sensor Tower reported. Report.

Apple Pencil and iPhone will have ultrasound technology in the future

Two Apple patents have leaked to show that the company is planning to bring ultrasonic sensor technology to Pencil,  iPhone and iPad in the future.
Initially, Apple will use ultrasonic technology to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen, including the iPhone and  iPad .

This screen uses a transducer to transmit ultrasonic waves along the surface, then the signal is monitored by a number of sensors to determine the location and size of the object.

In addition, these sensors can also calculate the pressure being applied. Basically, the ultrasonic sensor can be used as a 3D Touch replacement solution today.

Along with the iPhone and iPad, the ultrasound technology can be equipped with Apple's Pencil to increase accuracy. By covering the pen with multiple sensors, it can detect how the user is holding.

With this technology, the user's change of pen force can lead to the change of pen type or the thickness of the line.

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Review ASUS VivoBook S13: Small, pretty suitable for Student

Not long ago, ASUS introduced the new VivoBook S series laptops with new colors, stylishly designed ultra-thin bezel. For a week using the VivoBook S13 the youngest in the S series, I have the feeling to share with you right below.
1. Design
The first highlight in the design of the VivoBook S13 is the ultra-thin bezel on all four edges that must open inside us to see.

The metal case design with the ASUS logo looks pretty simple. Next is the surface of hand rests also use metal and scratches look pretty nice. The bottom of the machine uses plastic. 

The size of the machine is quite small and pretty, only with the usual 11-inch laptop. When I held the machine in my hand, I found quite a compact, weight of about 1.2 kg, suitable for you to carry, use or work every day.

Around the edges of the machine is decorated with white resin pretty nice. Personally, I do not like this because white is so easy to get dirty or discolored when used for a long time.

The machine is also equipped with the ErgoLift intelligent hinge technology that lifts the keyboard up to 2.5 degrees and allows the heat dissipation to work better.

Due to its ultra-thin design, the number of ports designed on the VivoBook S13 is also limited.

On the left we have, in turn, the charging port, HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and USB-C port.

The right side has a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD card slot.

2. Screen
Back to the ultra-slim 4-sided screen of the VivoBook S13, we see a thin layer up to 4.3 mm. Experience the look of this ultra-thin display, just as your workspace extends and ASUS named the design NanoEdge.

Specifically, the screen of the VivoBook S13 accounted for 89% on the front and Full HD resolution with a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees. Actually, when I use the machine I have high contrast screen, good use in outdoor conditions; color display machine honesty; High resolution for sharp picture quality, gaming or watching movies on this laptop feels comfortable and fun.

3. Keyboard, touchpad and fingerprint sensor
The first point when looking at the keyboard of the VivoBook S13 I have seen a luxury look. I wonder if with this small keyboard, is there any good typing? The answer is that this keyboard feels very typing. The keypad has a relatively short but high return, the size of the design key is a bit small to fit the whole machine, but there is a reasonable distance that makes typing accuracy and not miss the hand. .

In addition, the machine also features a backlight keyboard with three levels of brightness adjustment, to help you work well even in dark or dark conditions.

The VivoBook S13's touchpad is large and wide, for quick and accurate feedback. Moving, multi-finger operations are smooth and smooth. Also, if you do not sweat the trackpad is still able to identify good, so you do not worry.

Finally, a large one-touch fingerprint sensor is placed neatly to the right of the trackpad. Like many other fingerprint sensors, the VivoBook S13 sensor also provides fast detection and feedback, enhancing the security of your laptop.

4. Configuration and performance
A quick overview of the VivoBook S13 includes:

CPU: Core i3 8130U, clocked at 2.2 GHz
Integrated graphics: Intel Graphic 620
Hard Drive: 256GB SSD
Performance evaluation of VivoBook S13 through Geekbench software reached 15265 points. 

In fact, when I use it, I see the machine works quickly and smoothly with office software, basic applications such as Chrome, Word, Excel, ... With the graphics processing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, ... the machine can handle quite smoothly with simple pictures and moderate amount of detail.

It runs smoothly and smoothly using an SSD. However, the size of the hard drive is only 256GB, if you need to store more data then you should upgrade to 512GB or 1TB SSD.

In addition, I also hold this machine to test game with CS: GO at the lowest configuration level, the machine for the average frame rate of 37 FPS play. With the legendary Alliance game set at a high level of configuration, the average frame rate is 86 FPS. As such, we can see the power of the VivoBook S13 when used for gaming. The machine can easily fight the popular game today with customized conditions appropriate level of play.

5. Speakers and heat sinks
Speaking of sound on the VivoBook S13, I feel quite good ear, strong and warm bass, mid and treble in the bar. However, the speakers are slightly smaller, to enjoy the full sound as you mentioned above, you need to open up loud speakers. 

I do not encourage you to open up loud speakers for long periods of time because this will have a very bad influence on the speakers and can lead to the phenomenon of the shimmer later.

The heat sink of the machine is placed on the bottom and near the hinge on the machine. 

Commenting on the heat dissipation of the machine, I feel good. The machine after more than three hours of continuous use with various lightweight but not heated up.

6. Battery life
When I first look at the appearance of the VivoBook S13 I think this laptop will be working 2 hours working hard together. But in fact, it was a surprise when I used this machine with multiple tasks, open many chrome tabs, Photoshop, ... for 4 hours continuously, the machine dropped from 66% of battery to 10%. The battery life of the machine will be more than 7 hours of continuous use of medium conditions.

Measured using Batterymon software with the same conditions, the VivoBook S13 has a battery life of up to 7 hours 46 minutes. Indeed, the battery life of this tiny laptop is good enough for you to use for a long day of work.

With the price of about 14 million VivoBook S13 is a perfect choice for young people today by small design, ultra-thin screen, good performance and good battery life.

Do you like this laptop? Leave a comment below.

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LG V40 ThinQ Configuration details with 845 Snapdragon chip, 8GB RAM

Expected LG V40 ThinQ will launch in the next few weeks, so that the information of this smartphone successively. Previous reports suggested that the LG V40 ThinQ will have 6 GB of RAM, but today's images confirm the RAM up to 8 GB.
Besides RAM, the image also shows the machine has a 128 GB ROM, Snapdragon 845 chip with a battery of 3,300 mAh. The device comes with a 6.4 "widescreen with 2K + resolution with rabbit ear notch on the top edge. Although the rabbit ear is not equipped with Face Detection 3D technology like Face ID, but it will contain voice speakers, sensors and dual cameras 8 + 5 MP.
On the back, LG has confirmed the LG V40 ThinQ will be equipped with three cameras, including standard 16 MP lens, 12 MP wide-angle lens and an 8 MP telephoto lens.

Expected LG V40 ThinQ will be sold in the second half of October, but it is not clear the specific time.

Source: Phonearena

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The Galaxy S10 will have significant changes in design

After a series of rumors leaked about the design of the Galaxy S10 recently, the CEO of Samsung Mobile has confirmed that: The Galaxy S10 will have significant changes in design.
Speaking to the Chinese media earlier this week, Samsung CEO said the upcoming flagship series will have many important changes. The changes were made based on the design of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 . However, the Samsung representative did not mention the details will change.

In another note, Samsung CEO revealed that the Galaxy S10 will have great colors. This is in line with previous rumors that the S10 will be trendy in color, which is a beautifully colored back. In addition, there are reports that Samsung will equip the S10 to 10 different colors, one of which is the color Emerald Green (green) ever present on the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Recent rumors also suggest that the S10 will come in three different versions, one of which will feature three rear-facing cameras and two front-facing cameras, which are expected to be the Galaxy S10 Plus. While the other two models have dual cameras on the back. All 3 are using Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855 chips.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to launch at MWC 2019 in late February. If everything is correct then the S10 will start selling from mid-March 2019.

See also: Rumors: Galaxy S10 will have a nice gradient color

Source: Phonearena

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 rendered before the launch date 2/10

Earlier this month, Microsoft issued an invitation for the launch of the new product on October 2. Microsoft is releasing upgrades for Surface Laptop, Surface Pro and Surface Studio. Today, the rendered image of Surface Laptop 2 was leaked.
Specifically, the Surface Laptop 2's exclusive rendered image from the Mysmartprice site , shows the overall design of the new model is not much different from its predecessor.
The difference is that Surface Laptop 2 has a new black version. The Surface Laptop has color options, including: Platinum Gray, Cobalt Blue, Burgundy and Golden Graphite.

Surface Laptop 2 is made of aluminum and still uses a 13.5 inch PixelSense screen, Alcantara keypad, large trackpad and most of the ports on the left.

The Surface Laptop 2 configuration has not been revealed but is expected to outperform the first generation, including faster memory and Intel processors.

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The first impression of Honor 10: when cheaper - does not mean worse

Editorial 4PDA tested the new flagship smartphone Honor 10. We made the first impression of its appearance, a dual camera with the functions of artificial intelligence and performance.


Our acquaintance with Honor 10 began with its design and tactile sensations. In reality, the device is much more compact than it might seem in photos and renderings. A special wow effect is caused by new color variations with a gradient achieved by applying 15 layers of glass. Due to this, blue and green colors are poured into purple. This solution looks extremely unusual, and the attention of the gadget surrounding the owner will be ensured.

In the hand the device is felt completely monolithic and qualitatively assembled. The buttons do not dangle and are pressed with moderate effort and a corresponding click. The metal frame pleasantly chills the hand and gives confidence that the impact or fall of the smartphone will survive. The drawback associated with the appearance, only one - the margin of the rear glass surface. Eliminates this "flaw" with a protective cover.


Following the trend for framelessness, Honor 10 made a cutout in the screen. On the sides of the conversational speaker and front camera displays the time, battery power and other system indicators. Thus, the space on the front side is used much more rationally. By experience, to "broom" get used after a few minutes of active use of the gadget, and then you remember about its existence except when displaying a light picture. If you are a fan of screens of the "correct" form, then the cutout can be hidden in the settings.

The screen in the novelty is 5.84-inch. It is executed on technology LCD, due to what high brightness and maximum viewing angles are achieved. Even if you look at the display at an angle, the colors are not distorted, what AMOLED-matrices can not boast of yet. In addition, the white color of Honor 10 is really white. If necessary, you can select the color profile in the settings or adjust the temperature depending on the preferences. Another advantage of the LCD panel is the real resolution of Full HD +, so there are no problems with the sharpness of the picture, as well as the notorious "pentail". And to save energy and improve performance, the screen resolution can be reduced to HD +.

Ease of use

There is a smartphone running the operating system Android 8.1 Oreo with the proprietary EMUI 8.1. The interface is as simple and straightforward as Android users, and hardcore iOS supporters. All application icons are displayed immediately on the working screen, and the settings menu is intuitive, with the ability to quickly search for the desired parameter. If the standard view of the system gets boring, the manufacturer offers a variety of various customization methods, such as choosing themes, adjusting the font size, etc. Especially worth noting the presence of convenient gestures - for example, turning the device screen down, you can turn off the sound, and to answer the call - it's enough just to bring the device to your ear.

Under the screen is located a fingerprint scanner, simultaneously serving a button "Home". In the settings, you can choose different control options: three traditional onscreen buttons or control using the fingerprints on the fingerprint scanner. The latter method is more interesting, but it takes time to master.


Great emphasis in the new Honor 10 is made on photo opportunities. The smartphone has a dual camera with modules of 16 and 24 megapixels, using the technology of computer training and computer vision. The manufacturer claims that the device is capable of real-time detection of more than 500 scenarios in 12 categories. For each image, unique processing algorithms are used to make them more qualitative.

In the standard camera application, modes for all occasions are presented, with the ability to download new ones. Of the most interesting, we note the portrait shooting, studio lighting, night mode and drawing with light. For advanced users, there is a professional mode with manual settings. We made some sample photos:

Also appreciate the work of a double zoom:

Immediately it is worth noting that we had a test model with 6 GB of RAM, while only a version with 4 GB of RAM will be available.

The presence in the smartphone of the proven and well-proven eight-core processor Kirin 970 and 4 GB of RAM provides excellent performance. The device works quickly, as you expect from the flagship. When starting applications and scrolling, we did not notice any hangs or lags.

Honor 10 - a balanced smartphone with modern features. The device offers the user a large almost frame-free screen, support for system customization, high-performance "stuffing" and a camera with ample opportunities for creativity. In a full review, we will further test autonomy, photo and video capabilities, communication quality and performance in games.

The cost of Honor 10 in Russia starts from 26,990 rubles.

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Google has found the innovative function of the "Photo" service unnecessary

Last year at the conference for developers I / O 2017 Google announced an extremely interesting function Remove Obstruction for the corporate service "Photo", but since then nothing was heard about it. A year later, on I / O 2018, the search giant told why this feature has not yet appeared in the application.

Recall that the essence of the function of Remove Obstruction was to remove superfluous objects from the photo with the help of machine learning technologies. As an example, it was demonstrated how just one click can remove the fence grid from the image.

When on I / O 2018, one of the developers asked Google about the fate of this function, he was told that this technology is completely real and ready for use, but the company does not consider it a priority for users.

In the meantime, Google has already begun to implement in the Photos app new features announced during the I / O 2018 . So, some users have already been able to try the Color Pop function. The service will analyze user pictures and offer to separate the main object from the background by discolouring the latter. It looks like this:

Also, Google promised to add the ability to translate photos of documents into PDF-files, coloring old black and white photos and automatically send pictures to your friends who are depicted on them.

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Gathering PC gaming: tips for those who have paws

Gathering PC gaming: tips for those who have paws
05/13/18 News130
# interesting about games

It is not difficult to assemble a modern system unit. If you work as a computer master, and every day to deal with different components. Those who encounter new strength with the new iron once a year, and did the total upgrade at all in the last five-year plan, it's time to forget everything that was relevant before. During these five years a lot has changed. We have studied all the current problems and fashionable " features " and disassembled them to a cog. Grab a pencil and write down the most important.

Selection of components
To each according to the needs
The study of needs is not only the point of the training program of an effective salesman. Determine, for what tasks iron is intended, it is necessary already here and now: that then it was not painfully painful for the picture on the monitor. One of the most common mistakes in planning is a cheap build for future upgrades. But nothing is more permanent than temporary. In most cases, the budget Pentium bought for "growth" will remain in the system unit until the end of its days. Reasons to postpone the replacement is always found from a dozen - and by the time it becomes possible to buy a better model, it will be easier to assemble from scratch. The exception is RAM, the life cycle of which is several times higher than other components.

The other extreme is the imbalance in the selection of the components of the system unit. To put all the money in the flagship video card, and the power supply for it to buy for the change from the mouse is a very bad idea. As well as buying a kilowatt unit for "Tanchiki" on weekends. If you do not want to calculate energy consumption yourself, you can use a special calculator , and take as many watts as you really need. And the money saved is spent on something more useful. For example, a graphics card is more powerful or an SSD larger. Few modern games take less than 30 GB - this is a reality to be reckoned with.

Knowledge is power
Use Google, the collector! Numerous reviews do not necessarily contain continuous advertising. Or vice versa, a clearly expressed dislike for individual models. In the end, you can focus on reviews of real buyers. Even negative comments can become a good source of information: for example, everyone complains about the lack of a beautiful package or a set of fasteners on a hard drive. If this is the only drawback of the drive, just right to lower the bar of expectations, but to take a deliberately high-quality thing.

When studying comparative testing - for example, video cards - it makes sense to consider several different thematic resources. It is necessary to focus not only on the FPS counter, but also on the temperature regime. In the case of a noticeable difference in the tests, it is more reasonable to focus on the worst of the indicators. Or at all on other model at which similar illness was revealed not. But what you should not do is read (or look at Youtube) amateur guides. Especially with an abundance of arguments in the spirit of "Take this here: I took it, I like it." At least because there is no objective test, except for the launch of your favorite Dota 2, the author of this opus certainly did not. And he could have kept silent about the real shortcomings of his assembly-or completely shut their eyes to them.

Miser pays twice
The popular continuation of this saying is known to everyone. But only everyone is usually convinced that this does not apply to him. Confidence often evaporates on the first visit to the service center. Overheated due to a low-quality cooling processor, constantly falling off the SSD (there was nothing to take SATA cable in the subway passage) or sudden reboots due to the frankly weak Chinese BS - the list goes on forever. Take the most inexpensive components can only be on sale with huge discounts. Or when there really is no chance of meeting the budget. There are no other objective reasons to save several hundred rubles on your computer.

The same goes for the periphery: grab yourself, without looking, an inexpensive monitor with a single D-Sub jack in the pair to a video card with digital outputs is much easier than it seems. And then tell the store that you sold the wrong model, and you have to wait for seven days to check its quality is not very desirable. By the way, if the dialogue goes out unnecessarily loud, then the store will have "bonus" 20 days for additional expertise : there are not only rights to the consumer. Whether the month of waiting for the thirty minutes spent reading the specifications is a rhetorical question.

The brand is not as frightening as they are frightened
At a word "brand" often there is an incorrect association with the ready system block of the eminent manufacturer. In fact, this means any type of assembly using a series of components of one brand. And it's cool not even because it looks good (although that's why, too). After all, what was originally designed to be compatible is much easier and more convenient to assemble, without worrying about the viability of the resulting system. And "conventionally standard pieces" can easily lead to a situation where the culprit of unstable work will have to be searched for in the process of prolonged testing. Given that most vendors usually practice the production of several price ranges, you can keep up to a fairly adequate amount without losing confidence in the stable operation of the entire assembly.

The engineers have a good saying: if nothing helps, read the instructions at last ! Only engineers have experience and constant practice. So the first thing to do is to take this very little book and study "from" and "before." Want an example? Easily. Standard connectors like the same PCI Express on motherboards for the last ten years have really not changed much. But the overall architecture and the number of additional options have long been different.

Built-in power for water cooling pumps, separate slots for M.2 drives of different types (with different keys, by the way!), Even connectors for highlighting the slats of RAM - all this must be taken into account when planning the assembly. As well as the limitations of the case for the height of the cooler and the length of the video card, the location of the baskets for the drives, the number and type of connectors on the power supply wires. Not to mention such trifles as the number and type of USB ports. It may also happen that some components will simply be incompatible with hardware.

Seven times check ...
Immediately before assembly, it is recommended, oddly enough, to put the screwdriver away. Then take a deep breath and carefully plan what and in what order will have to be screwed. There is no universal algorithm: each set of components is unique, and in different conditions requires a special order of installation. Doubters can first practice in a special simulator : even a virtual system unit is capable of leading to a nervous breakdown, but in the present underwater rocks even more.

For example, some components will tightly close access to important process openings or niches for wires. The need to re-disassemble the entire system unit, because the CPU power cable was stretched in the wrong direction, will show up last. Nobody canceled the laws of Murphy : it is better to "try on" all the elements in advance, simply putting them inside the body, than then repeating all the manipulations anew. It sounds like an unnecessary precaution - but if the most difficult to "spare parts" connect first, it really can save a lot of time and mental health.  

... and check again
The order of the assembly is enough to check once, and the correct connection - at least three times. Any trifle like an improperly connected wire or a badly tightened screw can come up with serious consequences: from impossibility to turn it on before switching to the "neighbor with a puncher" mode. To mix up the connectors of the front panel of the case, not to fully snap the memory slots in the slots, to attach the cooler's power to the fan housing connector - this is only a small part of the possible errors of the beginning assembler. At best, you can get a questionable experience about how you do not need to build a computer. At worst - burn something out of the components at the very beginning of the warranty period.

Cable management
The rational laying of wires not only gives the system unit a decent appearance, but also copes with more practical tasks. First of all, the air circulation inside the system unit improves: comments here are superfluous. And the fan dangling cable does not fall. Skills knit sea knots is not required: the design of modern cases provides special openings and grooves for accurate placement of all internal wiring. The main thing is to do everything in the right order. First, non-removable elements are laid: for example, the terminals of the front panel and the cabinet fans. Behind them are those that are inaccessible after installation of the component parts. This power CPU, all kinds of power supply backlight, and in some cases interface cables drives. All the rest - in process of assembling in order of priority.

The connection scheme in all cases will be simple: connect to the motherboard, packing in the above-mentioned housing elements. To fix cables, it is best to use two kinds of special ties: Velcro (better known as velcro fasteners) and self-tightening plastic clips. The first will be needed in places of large accumulations of wires, the latter - where it is necessary to act pointwise.

Four letters, but not PUBG
UEFI (the successor to the BIOS ) is undeservedly considered by the people to be a simple application to the motherboard for changing the boot device when installing Windows. About the possibility of turning on and editing XMP-profiles of RAM, overclocking the processor and a huge number of other useful functions, many ordinary users simply do not know. As do not guess and remove the legacy-crutches, which make the installation of a modern operating system. And even updating the BIOS, which is still frightening inexperienced users, and absolutely mandatory procedure: compatibility problems will be less. So - RTFM!

With the times
To comfortably use a computer, you do not need to have a computer programmer's diploma. But one thing about software should always be remembered: it must be relevant. It's time to face the truth and admit: Windows 7 is in the past. Together with all the tips of a decade ago on tuning this dinosaur. Use obsolete software on modern hardware - it's like walking in bast shoes. It seems possible - but uncomfortable, impractical, all the time you have to patch holes. And in general, in a decent society, they will laugh at it. The same goes for dubious programs for optimizing the operating system: do not repair something that did not break. In most cases, for normal operation of the system, there is enough common sense and timely updating of the drivers.

The best friends of the collector are attentiveness and accuracy. And if at the same time all components are 100% compatible, then the whole further process will automatically turn into a pleasant pastime. Of course, the choice of certain components is also of great importance. But we'll tell you about iron delicacies some other time.

Text writer: Victor Sidorov
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